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Research results

VÚMOP, v.v.i. has already applied more than 1000 results into the Information Register of Research and Development results (RIV), which document its qualification and experience for this field. The activities of the institute aims both at application results (utility models, certificated methodologies, specialized maps with expert content), and to publications in specialized periodicals. 

In years 2014-2016 VÚMOP, v.v.i. solved 23 projects of National Agency for agricultural research, 5 projects of Technological Agency of the Czech Republic, 2 projects of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and 1 project of „Safety research“ of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

The outputs of projects of application research during the years 2010-2014 were applications to patents (6), recognized utility models (VÚMOP 10 + 3 co-results), certificated methodologies (13), maps with specialized content (30), software (2) and the outputs into legislation (5). The examples of the most important outputs:

The device for determination of soil structure stability (2012): Utility model, record number 23817 and application for the patent of the Czech Republic.
The device for granulometric separation and stabilization of soil aggregates by spiral movement (2011): Utility model, record number 23441 and the application for the patent of the Czech Republic.
Continual infiltrometer (2011): Utility model, record number 23245 and application for the patent of the Czech Republic.
The device for laboratory determination of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity (2011): Utility model, record number 23386 and the application for the patent of the Czech Republic.
The adoption of the results (without modifications) and their reflection into legislative regulations within the competence of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Collective Regulation no. 257/2009 for sediment use in agriculture (2010).

For the application of these outputs VÚMOP, v.v.i. cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Regional Development, State Land Office, Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, entities of River Basins, Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic, Regional Office and last but not least with big or small enterprises in the Czech Republic (Skanska plc., NOZA Ltd., Galafruit Ltd., ČEZ, Golfer Ltd., Purum Ltd., KHL-EKO plc., Pöyry Environment plc.) and many others.


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